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Brothers International Food Corporation was founded in 2000 by brothers, Matthew and Travis Betters, whose family was involved in the processed fruit and vegetable industry for more than 70 years.

Brothers International Food Corporation is a privately owned food and beverage company based in Rochester, New York with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, Shanghai, China and Quito, Ecuador.

The company has two operating divisions: Healthy Snacks under the label of Brothers All Natural and Food Ingredients.


To be the best at what we do,
totally focused on our business,
providing the best products
and services to our customers,
and provide a better future
for all employees.

About Freeze Dried Fruit

We start with fruit from varied growing regions throughout the world. The fruit is then sorted, cleaned, and quickly frozen. Water is then gently removed from the fruit by evaporating the ice. During the water removing process, the structure as well as the nutrients of the fruit are maintained resulting in a delicious, delightfully light, and flavorful CRISP. The freeze-dried fruit is then packed and sealed in moisture-proof packaging to ensure flavor and crispiness. No additives or preservatives. Low calorie, fat free, gluten free and allergy friendly.