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Mickey Mouse Variety 4x6 Pack

Packaged as four 6-packs (24 total ½ cup bags)

Each 6-pack contains:

  • 2 Mickey Mouse Fuji Apple ½ cup (0.35 oz.) bags
  • 2 Minnie Mouse Apple Cinnamon ½ cup (0.35 oz.) bags
  • 2 Goofy Strawberry Banana ½ cup (0.42 oz.) bags
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Wholesale Disney Roadster Racers Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks, Variety 24 pack (4x6)

Our Disney Variety Fruit Crisps 24 pack includes All Natural Fuji Apples, Cinnamon Apples and Strawberry-Bananas. The fruits are freeze dried to preserve the flavors and nutrients of the fresh fruit with no additives or preservatives. A perfect choice for healthy, all natural fruit snacks.

Two servings per bag. No additives or preservatives. 100% all natural freeze dried Fruit Crisps.

Disney Roadster Racers packaging, 24 pack